Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mint leafstone pendant, leaf and flower jewelry on vintage ribbonstone pendant, one of a kind



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A wond romantic pendanterful minty leaf with a d romantic pendantelicate enamel flower on a vintage ribbon!\rThis d romantic pendantelicate treasure is completely one of a kind romantic pendant. I took a leaf carved romantic pendant out of aventurine, a natural stone and romantic pendant ad romantic pendantd romantic pendanted romantic pendant to it one of my hand romantic pendant enameled romantic pendant copper flowers. The flower is lime green on the insid romantic pendante and romantic pendant bright white behind romantic pendant. Copper shows through at the ed romantic pendantges, d romantic pendantarkened romantic pendant in places, bright in others. So rustic, back to nature, fresh! This piece is very d romantic pendantramatic, beautiful and romantic pendant one of a kind romantic pendant.\rIt is lovely on the back as well, just smooth silver with the green leaf. Wear it backward romantic pendants or forward romantic pendants d romantic pendantepend romantic pendanting on your mood romantic pendant.\r\rI hand romantic pendant fabricated romantic pendant a sterling silver bail and romantic pendant torch riveted romantic pendant it through the stone. The effect is simple and romantic pendant elegant.\r\rI d romantic pendantecid romantic pendanted romantic pendant to ad romantic pendantd romantic pendant more color so I chose a vintage piece of ribbon, a lovely d romantic pendanteep forest green color that fad romantic pendantes to brown in the back. This is a one of a kind romantic pendant piece, you will receive the pictured romantic pendant necklace.\rNecklace is 18" long.\r\rAll find romantic pendantings are sterling silver. The flower is copper, enameled romantic pendant.\rPend romantic pendantant is 1 1/4" (32mm) includ romantic pendanting bail.

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