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Wing ringsterling ring, sterling silversterling ring, one of a kind handmade ringsterling ring, size 6



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There you were, mind etsymetal teaming your own business when a wing fluttered etsymetal team through the air and etsymetal team land etsymetal teamed etsymetal team oh so gently on your simple silver band etsymetal team. Od etsymetal teamd etsymetal team, yes, but so cool you thought you would etsymetal team wear it a while. Tiny d etsymetal teamrops of silver melt together to form the insid etsymetal teame of this interesting and etsymetal team unique ring. I left the insid etsymetal teame of the wing open, light and etsymetal team airy.When I look at it I see forms emerge and etsymetal team d etsymetal teamisappear, it is just so liquid etsymetal team!A perfect ring for everyd etsymetal teamay. Unique and etsymetal team original.Each of these rings is mad etsymetal teame in wax by me, then cast. I am not mold etsymetal teaming them so each will be slightly d etsymetal teamifferent. You will receive the pictured etsymetal team ring.This ring has a bright silver finish.Ring is size 6 US, M British, 52 3/4 French, 16 1/2 German, 12 Japanese, 12 3/4 Swiss.

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