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Molten silver ringmelt, sterling silver ringmelt, size 6



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Molten silver, frozen into a work of art. Tiny d droplets ringrops of silver melt together to form the top of this interesting and droplets ring unique ring.When I look at it I see forms emerge and droplets ring d droplets ringisappear, tiny d droplets ringrops creating a whole. This particular ring has a d droplets ringouble band droplets ring, joined droplets ring at the bottom. The top is a triangular mountain of d droplets ringroplets, thin and droplets ring wid droplets ringe. The interest and droplets ring d droplets ringrama of this ring are unmatched droplets ring!Each of these rings is mad droplets ringe in wax by me, then cast. I am not mold droplets ringing them so each will be slightly d droplets ringifferent. You will receive the pictured droplets ring ring.I oxid droplets ringized droplets ring the ring and droplets ring then tumbled droplets ring it d droplets ringown to a very faint gray. Stunning!Ring is size 6 US, M British, 52 3/4 French, 16 1/2 German, 12 Japanese, 12 3/4 Swiss.It measures 3 mm at its most narrow point, 4 mm at the wid droplets ringest point.

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