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incogneeto, 40s Miriam HASKELL BRASS Fringe Chain Necklace & Original by ROBERT Pin



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This genuine, unsigned statement necklace Miriam Haskell necklace is mad statement necklacee of brass chain with lots of fringe; it is a great example of the elegant simplicity of Miriam Haskell. It is in wond statement necklaceerful cond statement necklaceition with a warm patina. The necklace measures 16\u201d statement necklace in length with each fringe hanging d statement necklaceown just und statement necklaceer 2\u201d statement necklace.It has a \u201cno thumb thingy\u201d statement necklace spring ring clasp that closes securely.Married statement necklace to the Haskell necklace is an \u201cOriginal by Robert\u201d statement necklace pin/pend statement necklaceant. It measures just about 4\u201d statement necklace long by 1 1/2\u201d statement necklace wid statement necklaceth. Features an opal glass center stone surround statement necklaceed statement necklace by smaller stones with d statement necklaceangling brass fringe that end statement necklaces in more opalescent bead statement necklaces.Wear them together or separately. They are both great pieces on their own and statement necklace magnificent combined statement necklace!

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