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Cute 1960's Vintage LUCITE Link Braceletbakelite bracelet, 60s Nylon Plastic / Lucite GOLDTONE Bracelet



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This bracelet was mad bakelite bracelete in the 1960's with Lucite plastic (aka nylon) links in autumnal colors of orange, gold bakelite bracelet and bakelite bracelet green set in gold bakelite bracelettone metal. It is not signed bakelite bracelet on the back to ind bakelite braceleticate its d bakelite braceletesigner although it looks like a Coro d bakelite braceletesign. The box clasp is tight and bakelite bracelet secure. Measures 7 1/2" long x just und bakelite braceleter 1 1/2\u201d bakelite bracelet wid bakelite bracelete.A fun 60s costume jewelry look!

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