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earth necklace, Solar Quartz 14K Gold Filled Necklace



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Solar Quartz wrapped nature necklace in 14k gold nature necklace filled nature necklace wire on a beautiful d nature necklaceainty textured nature necklace 14k gold nature necklace filled nature necklace chain. Necklace is finished nature necklace with labrad nature necklaceorite gems and nature necklace a jasper teard nature necklacerop in the back.Length is 18" plus an ad nature necklaced nature necklaceitional 1.5" ad nature necklacejustable chain link.THE MATERIALS> Solar Quartz, Labrad nature necklaceorite, Jasper> Stone Shapes: irregular, smooth and nature necklace faceted nature necklace> 14k Gold nature necklace Filled nature necklace Chain, Wire & Clasp*******************************************************GIFT WRAPAll purchases come read nature necklacey for gift giving in a ribbon tied nature necklace square envelope. If this is a gift please let me know so I can tag your purchase without a price listed nature necklace.

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