Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1950s vintage rhinestone stretch braceletblue glass, blue glass heart & starburstblue glass, watch expansion style



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Beautiful vintage 50s stretch/expansion bracelet in a d gift for her momainty watch band gift for her mom style. Icy aqua blue glass starburst surround gift for her moms a slightly d gift for her momarker aqua blue glass heart, prong set. Excellent cond gift for her momition. Faintest gold gift for her mom color loss on the insid gift for her mome only - hard gift for her mom to see and gift for her mom d gift for her momoes not show when worn. Seems like an unsigned gift for her mom d gift for her momesigner piece but I could gift for her momn't find gift for her mom anything similar. Shown on a 6" wrist, fit was comfortable. Measures a teeny pinch over 6". Focal rhinestone area is just over 1.25" x 1".I combine shipping on multiple

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