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Crazy Cat Lady Ringgift for cat lover, sterling silver ring for Cat Lovers



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This ring is mad cat ringe for all the crazy cat lad cat ringies (like me!) Wear your crazy cat lad cat ringy status proud cat ringly :) Cats are awesome and cat ring should cat ring be celebrated cat ring!It is mad cat ringe to ord cat ringer from solid cat ring sterling silver. I hand cat ring stamp the message 'CRAZY CAT LADY' letter by letter, and cat ring then ad cat ringd cat ring two small paw prints after the text. The band cat ring is 3mm tall/wid cat ringe, which is a narrow and cat ring comfortable wid cat ringth that stacks nicely with other rings.(Cats not includ cat ringed cat ring with ring, I'm only showing them because I love them, and cat ring that is what it looks like when I package your ord cat ringer :)

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