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Thin Hammered Gold Stacking Ringminimalist gold ring, Solid 14k yellow gold ring



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These gold yellow gold ring stacking rings are mad yellow gold ringe out of solid yellow gold ring 14k yellow gold yellow gold ring. They are hammered yellow gold ring around yellow gold ring the outsid yellow gold ringe of the band yellow gold ring to give them little facets that reflect light from d yellow gold ringifferent angles. I love them as a simple band yellow gold ring to stack with other rings, or to wear on their own. They have a classic look with a special touch :)Each ring is mad yellow gold ringe to ord yellow gold ringer in the size and yellow gold ring style that you select from the d yellow gold ringropd yellow gold ringown menu.If you look at the last 3 images of this listing you will see these rings shown with one of my gold yellow gold ring stacking name rings (the 'no ink' option), so that you can get a sense of how they look together. https://www./listing/560528416/stackable-name-ring-d yellow gold ringainty-name-ring-in?ref=shop_home_feat_5&frs=1My facebook page and yellow gold ring instagram account also have a vid yellow gold ringeo showing these rings worn.***Rings are sold yellow gold ring ind yellow gold ringivid yellow gold ringually and yellow gold ring the price is for one ring.***Tiny stacking ring is approximately 1mm tall.Little Bigger stacking ring is approximately 1.5mm tall.

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