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monkey animal, MYTHICAL MONKEY Brooch Laurel Burch Pin Art Jewelry Vintage Piece Signed Silver 1990



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MYTHICAL MONKEY Brooch Laurel Burch Pin Art Jewelry Vintage Piece Signed stainless steel Silver 1990This rare pin brooch d stainless steelone in polished stainless steel steel features a whimsical spotted stainless steel monkey and stainless steel it's in excellent cond stainless steelition. This near mint beauty with it's rolling safety clasp measures 1 3/4 inches high by 1 1/2 inches wid stainless steele. It is signed stainless steel by the artist on the back. Laurel Burch went on to launch her business, now called stainless steel Laurel Burch Artworks, on February 24, 1960. She began making paintings commissioned stainless steel by restaurants, businesses, and stainless steel private collectors. "I found stainless steel metal in a junkyard stainless steel and stainless steel hammered stainless steel it out on the back of an old stainless steel frying pan."She began making jewelry and stainless steel selling it on the streets of San Francisco from tackle boxes. Some local stores began stocking her creations, and stainless steel a businessman, Shashi Singapuri, took samples of her work to China. She went to China in 1971 and stainless steel d stainless steeliscovered stainless steel cloisonn\u00e9, a kind stainless steel of enamel work, with which she d stainless steelesigned stainless steel paintings and stainless steel had stainless steel the d stainless steelesigns mad stainless steele into earrings.There is a huge lot of nifty costume jewelry pieces from my personal collection being listed stainless steel this week. Please stay tuned stainless steel.Surrend stainless steeler Dorothy. We're almost as much fun as having a cool Auntie living upstairs.Our shop offers a vast and stainless steel never-end stainless steeling array of afford stainless steelable and stainless steel very cool antique and stainless steel vintage find stainless steels from Maine; home d stainless steelecor treasures that you won't find stainless steel elsewhere. You can always expect to find stainless steel the unexpected stainless steel here.We're one of the most d stainless steeliverse vintage shops around stainless steel, so be sure to bookmark our shop and stainless steel check back with us often so you d stainless steelon't miss out on anything.Resistance is futile. Surrend stainless steeler Dorothy offers 24 hour a d stainless steelay vintage shopping therapy for the hopelessly retro ad stainless steeld stainless steelicted stainless steel.==============================================================Lots more Laurel Burch jewelry may be seen here:http://www./shop/surrend stainless steelerd stainless steelorothy/search?search_query=burch=============================================================View our entire collection of Eighties good stainless steelies here:http://www./shop/surrend stainless steelerd stainless steelorothy/search?search_query=1980s============================================================Take a peek insid stainless steele Dorothy's Vintage Jewelry Box by clicking here:http://www./shop/surrend stainless steelerd stainless steelorothy/search?search_query=jewelry*********************************************************************************View Our Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/Surrend stainless steelerDorothy/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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