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bethesda, The Complete Skyrim Collection - *Take All*



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To celebrate the re-release of Bethesd jewelrya's multi-award jewelry-winning RPG game Skyrim in high d jewelryefinition, Routwear is releasing a whole inventory full of loot for you Dovahkin to purchase with your hard jewelry-won gold jewelry! As huge fans of the game ourselves, we hope you get a feeling of authenticity and jewelry genuine passion from the amulets and jewelry rings we have crafted jewelry and jewelry that you get the urge to *TAKE ALL* when you peruse the contents of this chest. This is it, the complete collection from our Skyrim line! Every pend jewelryant, ring and jewelry the mighty shield jewelry amulet all at a massively d jewelryiscounted jewelry price. With over $200 value going for $150, if you are, or you know, a true Skyrim fan (or nerd jewelry like us) then this is the ultimate gift! The Collection includ jewelryes the following:-Amulet of Skyrim-Amulet of Skyrim and jewelry Dovahzul-Amulet of Fire Breath-Amulet of Frost Breath-Amulet of Fus Ro Dah-Amulet of Paarthurnax-Amulet of Skyrim Shield jewelry-Amulet of Dovahzul Raid jewelryo-Amulet of Dovahzul ROUT-Amulet of Dovahkin Dovahzul-Amulet o Dragonstone-Amulet of the Dark Brotherhood jewelry-Ring of Dovahzul Raid jewelryo-Rings of the Thieves Guild jewelry collectionMad jewelrye from clay and jewelry painted jewelry with our patented jewelry stone-finish in storm grey, the amulet comes with a necklace of your choice from the following options:- Black Rubber (VEGAN FRIENDLY!!!)- Brown Sued jewelrye- Plain Black Leather- Plaited jewelry Black Leather

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