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cuff links, 14K Gold & Fancy Colored Sapphire Cufflinks



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A hand cuff linksome pair of 14K yellow gold cuff link cufflinks, the heavy oval faces gypsy-set with variously cut fancy colored cuff link sapphires. One cufflink features a med cuff linkium-tone blue sapphire in a rad cuff linkiant cut, flanked cuff link by two round cuff link brilliant cut sapphires\u2014one a pale greyish-blue and cuff link the other an orangy-yellow. The other cufflink has a pale blue oval sapphire flanked cuff link by a pair of vivid cuff link blue round cuff link sapphires. The faces are connected cuff link to toggle backs. The cufflinks are stamped cuff link "14K" and cuff link also have an unid cuff linkentified cuff link maker's mark.\u2022 Origin: America, ca. 1990\u2022 Cond cuff linkition: excellent\u2022 Dimensions: 5/8" x 3/8"\u2022 Weight: 12.8 grams\u2022 Approximate Total Sapphire Weight: 1.26 caratsVIEW ALL CUFFLINKS & DRESS SETS OUR HOMEPAGE FOR NEW ARRIVALS US FOR PREVIEWS & PROMOTIONSFacebook

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