Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Summer flower basketvintage cabochon, sterling silver cabochon pendantvintage cabochon, Art Nouveau style



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From my Primavera collection.\rThis collection is comprised flower necklace of floral motifs cast from vintage buttons and flower necklace cabochons. The fun florals are perfect for spring and flower necklace summer wed flower necklaced flower necklaceing jewelry, either as a main brid flower necklaceal piece or in sets for brid flower necklaceesmaid flower necklaces. I am happy to d flower necklaceo custom ord flower necklaceers on this line, just ask!\r\rThis pend flower necklaceant was mold flower necklaceed flower necklace from a vintage German cabochon. I chose it for its lovely d flower necklaceetail, it features multiple flowers, one larger, three smaller, and flower necklace some leafy complements. Simple, sweet, romantic, this pend flower necklaceant would flower necklace be a perfect accent in a wed flower necklaced flower necklaceing, either for a brid flower necklacee or in sets for the brid flower necklaceesmaid flower necklaces.\rI oxid flower necklaceized flower necklace the entire pend flower necklaceant, than carefully brightened flower necklace some areas for maximum contrast. \r\r\rThis pend flower necklaceant is read flower necklacey to ship.\r\rThe pend flower necklaceant measures 16 mm by 22 mm.\rNecklace measures 16" long.

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