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Art Deco 1930's Glass Bead & FILIGREE Necklacecoral jade necklace, looks like Coral and Jade



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A very attractive art glass 1930's necklace with brass filigree on a snake chain. The all glass bead steampunk necklaces are mad steampunk necklacee to represent genuine coral and steampunk necklace jad steampunk necklacee. The center piece is carved steampunk necklace like a flower, it's very pretty. This choker length necklace is 16" in the chain and steampunk necklace the pend steampunk necklaceant hangs d steampunk necklaceown another 2 1/2". I believe it to be set in brass, the chain has been cleaned steampunk necklace and steampunk necklace is shinier than the pend steampunk necklaceant. It still hold steampunk necklaces some tarnished steampunk necklace areas though. It's such a lovely piece that I am sure you could steampunk necklace switch out the chain; I just prefer to keep antique items like this in their original state.Like this item and steampunk necklace looking for more like it? Check out our pages and steampunk necklace pages of vintage here on Incogneeto!Are you a d steampunk necklaceealer and steampunk necklace want to buy in quantity? Check out our new store on etsy for wholesale vintage purchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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