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A beach stone to wear everyd copper and silveray!\rI found copper and silver this mustard copper and silvery-yellow stone on a Northern California beach. So pretty, just begging to be jewelry!\rI fabricated copper and silver a lacy bezel out of sterling silver and copper and silver sold copper and silverered copper and silver it to a copper backplate. \rThis pend copper and silverant is not perfectly round copper and silver or balanced copper and silver-it is more freeform to fit the stone within. I have not treated copper and silver the stone at all, it is not polished copper and silver. It is a lovely matte yellow with tons of tiny d copper and silveretails within the stone. My best guess to type is some sort of quartz.\r\rBoth the copper and copper and silver the silver will d copper and silverarken with age. \r\rThis is a one of a kind copper and silver necklace, while I will be putting forward copper and silver a series of beach stones, each will be d copper and silverifferent as per the stone. You will receive the pictured copper and silver necklace.\rThis necklace is read copper and silvery to ship.\r\rLeather cord copper and silver is 18" with sterling silver find copper and silverings.\rPend copper and silverant is 3/4"\r\rFor more of my beach stone jewelry look here: http://www./shop/IacuaByRuby/search?search_query=beach+stone&ord copper and silverer=d copper and silverate_d copper and silveresc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search

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