Corona virus that originated from China had a profound impact on industries and people all over the world, and the technology industry is not different because its dependence on China is not a secret, while many of the major technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, Tesla and the major Chinese manufacturers of smartphones have the greatest impact Because of this virus, the following shows the most prominent effects of this virus on companies and its effect on consumers as follows :

- Chinese phone companies postpone the release of a number of their smartphone versions 

Several major Chinese smartphone brands revealed that their phone shipments for the first quarter of 2020 may experience some delay due to conditions in China and the closure of some of its factories there.

Apple: Air Pods shipments likely 

China is a big hub for Apple when it comes to manufacturing products, and AirPods shipments are expected to be delayed due to the Corona virus.

High prices for smart TVs

There was a decrease in the availability of LCD smart TVs, as production decreased and this may lead to an increase in the prices of LCD TVs.

Delay iPhone production

It is rumored that Apple was preparing to launch a cheap device - possibly called the iPhone 9 - sometime in March, but multiple reports indicated that the supply chain may be affected by the Corona virus.

Tesla: Delay in delivery of some car models

The company led by Elon Musk said that there would be a delay in deliveries of "Model 3" cars in some parts of the world due to the Corona virus.

Facebook: Oculus VR glasses production delay

One of the few devices that Facebook makes is Oculus VR, and its production lag has been reported.

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