The World Health Organization declared a state of emergency due to the outbreak of the new Corona Virus (2019-nCoV) - which first appeared in China - after the number of infected cases increased tenfold in one week, describing it as an "unusual event" that threatens countries outside China and requires an international response  Coordinated.

 To get away from the rumors circulating by social media users, and learn about the latest developments, we offer you these reliable sources.

 Here are the 3 most reliable sources to know the latest developments about the Corona virus:

 1- CDC website:

 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) closely monitors the outbreak of the Corona virus (2019-nCoV), and provides on its website a page dedicated to tracking all developments, divided into 6 main sections that allow you to access everything about the virus starting from its appearance, symptoms and diagnosis  , How it is transmitted, and even prevention and treatment methods.

 The site also provides a global map showing you the countries in which there have been confirmed cases of the virus, whose number as of this writing has reached 28 cities.

 2- World Health Organization website:


 The World Health Organization website is well designed, supports the Arabic language, and includes a home page to cover everything about the virus, and it is divided into 5 main sections: How do you protect yourself?  A travel advice section, a section that highlights the latest news on the spread of the virus, a Frequently Asked Questions section on the virus; and more information.

 3-, two French expatriates residing in Taiwan, has developed an interactive, easy-to-use website that provides real-time updates on Corona virus spread developments.

 The site pulls data from the WHO website, the CDC website - which indicates that the site is reliable - and some other source.

 The site clearly shows the current numbers of injured people in the upper right, then the numbers of deaths and the number of known cases of recovery.  In the middle is a global map indicating the cities in which the cases of infection appeared; the circles on the map indicate the number of injuries in a specific area, and once you stand on a circle, the name of the city will become clear to you with the exact number of cases affected.

 On the left, you will find the charts tab, which provides information in illustrated charts.

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