The Japanese government found a new way to use technology to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus, providing 2,000 iPhone phones to passengers stranded on the cruise ship called Diamond Princess of Princess Cruises quarantined in the Japanese port of Yokohama.

 This came after confirming that there were approximately 350 cases of coronavirus infection in the ship off the coast of Japan.

 The total number of passengers is 2,666 people, while the number of crew members is 1045 people, and they were all quarantined for more than a week.

 The two-week trip was supposed to end 10 days ago, but all passengers and crew were quarantined and kept on board, after Japanese health officials found several cases of the virus after pulling the boat to the port.

 The ship's passengers tried to alert the local media about the lack of medication on the ship, and accordingly, they received two thousand iPhones, or one for each cabin, with permission from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, and Japan Telecom.

 The phones containing a medical application distributed by the Japanese Ministry of Health, which allows people to order medicine, arrange medical consultations with doctors, and receive information from health officials, were distributed.

 IPhones serviced by SoftBank were needed because phones outside of Japan cannot access the app and use the chat feature to communicate with doctors.

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