Games differ and vary, including sports, war games, and other types of games, but for me, the love to my heart is strategic games. I feel that I am truly ready for every emergency besides testing my mental abilities in planning and case studies, etc.,  But I also prefer some of the other types of games, the most important of which are open world games, Open World Game games are games that allow you to move freely in the game as you want, you may have some goals in the game, but you have the freedom to avoid it and do what  You want while playing the game, you are not forced or bound by anything, you have  Full confidentiality to do anything you want, and I'm really a fan of this class, so I will give you on this subject, the most powerful 10 games type games open world that you should try it and to really admire them, to start:

 10 - MineCraft:


 Minecraft is one of the first games from the open world category, despite the weakness of the graphics of the game, although it is not weak, most people enjoy Pixel games and Minecraft has responded to their requests, Minecraft has won a huge number of fans from all parts of the world  , Until it became famous and is still very popular to the limits of our day, as for the reason for that, it is due to the fact that you play in the game with full freedom and without restrictions, and that the game is characterized by an engineering sense such as building houses and a collective sense such as team play in a server and fighting and  Especially the popular Survival Games in the game.

 9 - Metal Gear Solid V:


 The 11th and final edition of the Metal Gear Solid games series, the story of our friend Big Boss, who we have always followed in his travels across the world, continues to desire revenge against the people who killed his men and his followers, many events in this game do not differ, as the same story continues in a different chronology,  The game is classified from open world games with a character nature, adventures and infiltration, the last version of the game was characterized by enormous features in the mechanics of fighting and moving in the game, and do not forget the goal of this topic and is to give you full freedom to move in the game and choose the appropriate tasks  Yours, really a smell game that deserves the best of course, so don't forget  I tried.

 8 - Just Cause 3:


 The third part of the Just Cause series of games, the third part has not yet been released. After announcing the game in November of 2014, he decided to release the game in December 2015, not much remained to launch the game,  The game was classified as an action adventure and an open world, which certainly forces us to add it to our list, the beautiful thing in this game, that it was announced that it will contain the Arabic language, which will make it the first huge game in the Arab game, as a simple shortcut to the story of the third part of the game series  Just Cause, our friend Rico is finally back in his native Medici after years of working at Wok  A machine, an island ruled by a dictator with the name (The Rafaelo), the latter who aspires to dominate the world, but our friend Riku stands tall standing before him to prevent him from doing so.

 7 - FarCry 4:


 The latest versions of FarCry so far, the game is an action type - adventures and an open world, the game was released in November of the year 2014, the game was very enjoyable and famous and admired by many, the events of the game revolves around the hero of the game, which takes the name  (Ajay) a Nepali citizen, who finally returns to his homeland as a testament of his mother, to discover that his country has entered into a civil war that has no beginning and no end, only to find himself after that he resists that tyrannical regime to enter the parties of the resistance against the tyrannical leader who takes the name (Baguan  Min).  Will he succeed in that ..!

 6 - Saints Row IV:


 The fourth edition of the Saints Rows series of games, this version is a little old, it was released in 2013, but despite that we must add this game to our list, the story does not differ much from the other previous versions, the leader of the Third Street Saints gang is still fighting, fighting and accomplishing  His missions are with his gang members, but in this version he will not fight the rest of the gangs as we have been accustomed to in other previous releases, but rather .. aliens!  The game is of an open world type, besides that you have missions that you must implement, except that you have complete freedom to implement it the way you want and the time you want.

 5 - Assassin's Creed Syndicate:


 We have reached the fifth game. Let me, before I order to explain the game, to tell you something simple. The previous games are almost not so much for the open world, it is true that you can do whatever you want in the game, but its priorities fall on the implementation of the stages, so starting from this game the next games  She will be very focused on the open world.

 The Assasin's Creed Games series has always fascinated me, all of them are wonderful without exception, after the last version of the game under the name Assassin's Creed Unity that is taking place in the French Revolution, the 11th edition of the Assassin's Creed Games series called Assassin's Creed Syndicate appears to us, the game was recently released on 23  October 2015, the game takes place in Britain - London 1868 during the era of the Industrial Revolution, where our hero friend Jaycob and his twin sister Fray fight the authoritarian regime of the Templars and their tyranny to the crime world in London .. the game is an open game, so you have freedom to  Do whatever you want in the game, and since the last version of the game was ...  N is very strong in all respects, especially graphics and gameplay. This version, without any doubt, will be very impressive and powerful. Do not forget to play the game if you encounter it one day.

 4 - Skyrim:


 This game was released in 2011, but believe it or not, it only took its reputation in 2015, as no gamer does not know this game, Skyrim is one of the largest open source games, it is a game in which a persecuted figure was caught who was arrested and tried  His execution, except that the emergence of a huge dragon in the middle of the city destabilizes the city to seize the opportunity and run away with your skin, except to meet with a leader who asks you to communicate the news to the leader of a neighboring village to begin an intensive investigation into how these dragons appear and so on, to start  The excitement in discovering a prophecy foretold by a wise man as the end of the world with the existence of an evil god  Known as Baudin and so on, let the world begin to move in search of a legend that frees them from this villain .. And that's how the Skyrim events unfold.

 The game is very strong and wonderful, and its graphics are perfect to some degree, and the game control is smooth and beautiful, I advise you to try it if you have the opportunity.

 3 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:


 The third part of this game was released recently in the month of May 2015, this game is inevitably open world, and it is also considered one of the most powerful games in this field as well. Undisputedly, our charming friend Giralt, also known as the White Wolf, remains the hero of the story.  Also in the third part of this game, his mission is limited this time to discover a mysterious army that controls the northern kingdoms reincarnation of the name Wild Hunt, and all hopes are held on our friend the white wolf to rid the world of the tyranny of this army.

 The game was ranked among the best open games and it was almost rated among the best games of the open world type, had it not been for the surprise that destroyed it that took the second rank in our list, let us know it.

 2 - Grand Theft Auto V:


 Who among us does not know the GTA games series, from the simplest to the most complex, the latest version was characterized by a strong surprise, this game carried a very high graphic, and very fictional gameplay features, and it is of course one of the strongest and best open world games ever, you must  Being a gamer that you have ever played a copy of GTA, and the fifth version of the game has a lot of advantages, in fact, it shattered the hopes of many games that were hoping to reach the title of the best game of the year like the aforementioned The Wither game, whatever you wrote from  Lines I cannot describe to you the splendor of this game, so I will leave you with the game trailer, it is more expressive than  J:

 1 - No Man's Sky:


 I don’t think you heard about this game before, no problem, this game has not been released yet and it is expected to be released in 2016, the game is one of the most powerful games in the open world at all for a specific reason, as No Man's Sky is unlimited, it plays the role of the game  A human lands on a strange planet with his spaceship, so you discover that planet, creatures, tools, rocks, and so on, and you can ride your ship later to roam in more than 200 other large planets with qualifications, creatures and other things, you can collect those components and trade  In it to get money to develop your ship, fight wars, etc., and don't forget the risks you will be exposed to in your  For every time you visit a planet and so forth, I simply think it is the most powerful open game ever.

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