The Apple Arcade service is one of the most prominent services provided by Apple during 2019, which is a subscription-based games service inside the App Store, and gives users unlimited access to the full catalog of more than 100 new and exclusive games, and during the year 2020 will be added to it  New games every month.

 If you are looking for multiplayer games specifically, here are 7 team games you can play with friends on Apple Arcade:

 1- Sonic Racing game:

 Sonic Racing belongs to the category Racing Games; it is a fast game that provides players with quality graphics that are provided by video game devices, and allow you to race alone, with friends, or with anyone over the Internet in multiplayer mode.

 You can build your own team of 15 diverse characters in the Sonic universe.  It also includes 15 race tracks spread over 5 regions.

 2- HyperBrawl Tournament:

 HyperBrawl Tournament is a form of American football, and you can play it with weapons and melee moves.  The game also gives you fun and excitement through the fast performance 2v2 mode, each round is only 90 seconds long.  The game takes place in different arenas spreading various places and times, and you can play it alone or with friends online or in a local network.

 3- Red Reign:

 Red Reign is a fast-paced strategy game that is played in real time, you can compete in multiplayer mode against friends or against a player from all over the world, and you can play it without an internet connection via bluetooth.

 4- Stellar Commanders:

 Stellar Commanders is a fast-paced multiplayer strategy game that puts player versus player in an attempt to take control of distant planets as part of an intergalactic warfare, where you only have seven minutes to defeat your enemy or the planet will explode and fall apart.

 5- Hot Lava game:

 This game was developed by the Canadian company (Klei Entertainment), and falls under the category of adventure games, where you can explore challenging worlds by jumping and climbing without touching the ground because they are made of lava, and the player who touches it will lose.

 The game supports single-player and multiplayer mode, where you can take on the challenge with up to four of your friends.

 6- OverLand Game:

 OverLand was developed by Finji, a post-apocalypse adventure and travel game where players fight fearful creatures, try to save other travelers, and search for survival supplies such as: fuel, first aid kits, and weapons.

 7- Lego Brawls:

 Lego Brawls is a multiplayer fighting game developed by RED Games in which players design their own characters, collaborate with colleagues to build and control machines, and score wins in battles.

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