Many people prefer to follow the video content on (YouTube) while performing some tasks on the device at the same time, such as: Watching a video on YouTube while conducting conversations on social media.

 If you like doing two things at once, PiP allows you to install a small video clip window inside a larger window on your computer or TV screen.

 It should be noted that this feature is automatically available in some video applications on iOS, but if you use the Safari browser on a Mac (Apple), it is possible to activate the PiP mode easily in YouTube on a system  MacOS too.  This allows you to perform some tasks while playing video content on YouTube.

 Here's how to enable PiP in YouTube on Mac:

 1- Activate (PiP) mode using the touchpad:

 Picture-in-picture mode shrinks the video window and turns it into a small video player that can be moved around the home screen and placed over other applications.  When you activate this feature, you can continue to watch videos on YouTube while using other applications on your device, and you can easily enable this mode by following the following steps:

 - Right click twice on YouTube video.  The first click will show you a menu that allows you to copy the video's URL, embed the code, or perform other tasks related to YouTube.  While the second click will show you the traditional menu.

 - Click on Enter Picture in Picture; your video will shrink to a much smaller size.


 - You can then open a new tab in your browser (or multiple tabs if you want) or move to another website and the video will continue to play.

 - To control the video, you can move the mouse pointer over the video, where you can pause and restart it, remove it from Picture In Picture (PiP) mode, or close the entire window.

 - To move the small video window, you can press one finger on the touchpad and use the other finger to move the window around the screen.

 There are several other ways in which you can start PiP mode:

 - During video playback, right-click the volume icon on the tab; the menu will include Enter Picture in Picture; press it.

 - If your Mac includes Touch Bar, use the PiP icon (it appears as a small rectangle filled with a larger empty rectangle) click on it and the mode will be activated.

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