Dark Mode has been one of the most requested features in the WhatsApp app over the past two years, and it has finally become available on the Android operating system.

 The only way to get the dark status on the WhatsApp app is to use third-party apps and other similar tricks that only work on the app's web version like installing an add-on to your browser we mentioned earlier.

 You can now enable (dark mode) manually on WhatsApp, or have the app automatically match the system feature if your phone is running Android 10, as the latest version of the operating system supports the dark mode feature at the system level.

 Here's how to activate WhatsApp dark mode on Android:

• Go to the WhatsApp app on your phone.

• Click the three dots icon in the top right of the screen, then click Settings.

• Click Chats.

• Click Theme.  Then in the dialog that appears, select Dark.  Once completed, you should see the interface switch to a dark theme.

 The dark mode looks especially good on the WhatsApp app, as it was designed to reduce the screen brightness by replacing the light-colored background and message bubbles with darker colors, which makes it easier on the eyes, and the dark mode makes it easier to handle the application in low-light conditions, and helps reduce  The app drains the phone battery as well.

 It should be noted that this feature works only through the latest beta of the application (version which is already available on the Google Play store.

 Here is a temporary solution for users of the official version of the application:

 One of the main reasons that might encourage you to try the dark mode in WhatsApp is to extend the battery life, and luckily there is a way to help you with that so that the feature becomes available in the official version of the application during the coming weeks.

• Go to the WhatsApp app on your phone.

• Click the three dots icon in the top right of the screen, then click Settings.

• Click on the "Chats" option.

• Click on Wallpaper, then click on Solid color.  You can choose black or gray

 Although this option will not change the color of message bubbles, menus, and other interface elements, reports indicate that black pixels drain much less energy than other colors.


  1. Can I do enable dark mode on my modded WhatsApp application?

  2. Yas you can and you have ( Android or ios ) ??

  3. It's great, I will try it on my application now.


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