There are now over 1,200 emoji emojis, with more being added every year - and you can now take a look at next year’s list via Emoji Voter.

Decisions about whether to approve or reject emojis can be controversial. So there are divergent opinions about some emojis that are released every year, hence the idea of ​​Emoji Voter.

Emoji Voter is a web app designed to make your voice heard for Unicode, which is responsible for making decisions about new emojis. The app offers new suggested emojis, along with a brief explanation of why they were proposed, and then allows you to vote for each symbol, whether approved or rejected.

It is worth noting that emoji is the most popular language among the world's societies and interferes greatly with our daily conversations via social media applications and instant messaging.

Anyone can make a suggestion about new emojis, and then comes the role of Unicode in decision-making, the official body that runs emojis, and is also influenced by the evident popularity of the proposals.

The app is unofficial, but it will at least provide the organization's voting members data on what users want. You can access THE APP HERE .

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