It is reported that Apple may rebuild a 
copy of its browser for Safari for its operating system, MacOS, depending on the Google Chromium project to serve users of the Windows operating system, similar to the recent changes made by Microsoft on its browser Edge.

 Apple used in the past to release a version of the Safari web browser for Windows, but it stopped developing that version a few years ago, making this browser available for Mac, iPhone and iPad only.

 These rumors, which are derived from an unofficial Russian blog, claim that an Apple employee has presented a problem with the Chromium Bug Tracker for problems related to projects, as the employee seeks to enable a feature called ITP, which imposes restrictions on ways in which  It has ads and third parties that track user browsing, which is a feature of Safari.

 The blog shared two images, one from the same bug report, and one from the attachments, showing what is supposed to be the Windows 10 operating system while running a Safari browser from Apple.

 However, the credibility of these rumors collapses by simply looking more closely at the minute details, including the error number in the report and the difference in its history from the date included in the image, and there is no mention within the Chromium project of anywhere in the ITP or mailing address.  Email for Apple employee : arnoldbarber [at]

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