After a while, it may happen that your Android suffers from some slowdowns, or even that the device becomes almost unusable.  Indeed, if you download a lot of applications, it may be that you install a little doubtful that blocks your phone.  Maybe you just want to clean your device and reboot it entirely?  Or another scheme, you simply forgot your unlocking model, or you accidentally blocked it ... So many reasons that you want to perform a "Hard reset" of your device.

 Factory Reset :

 It is important to specify that a Hard reset, also called Factory Reset, will completely delete all your data, settings, phone numbers, photos, applications, videos, etc.  Your device will therefore return to its original configuration, as if it had left the factory. How to make a Hard Reset?

 You will first need to access the recovery mode of your Samsung :

 1- Turn off your device.  Remove the battery, wait a good minute, and then reinsert it.

 2- Then press the Power, Home and Volume up buttons simultaneously.

 A few seconds later, the Samsung logo appears with blue writing "Recovery booting" (see image below).

3- Release all buttons

 4- Use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to navigate and select the "wipe data factory reset" line,

 then confirm with the Power button the selection: 

The reboot will then start, wait without touching anything until the end (this may take a little time).

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