There are a lot of tools on your system, whether Windows, Mac or any other operating system, and most of these tools are useful in case of a problem on the system and do not know what the problem or how to solve it, you may have heard about a tool called Microsoft Support Diagnostic Windows, and of course this tool is not very popular with users, but you will need it someday, in this article will introduce you to the Microsoft Support Diagnostic tool and how this tool works.

What is the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool:

This tool is not the same as other diagnostic tools on Windows, as it is known, the rest of the tools solve and fix problems and errors on Windows, but the Microsoft Support Diagnostic tool reports and records only what happens on Windows, in addition to that You can't even run it yourself, and even if you try to turn it on, it will ask you for an access key that you don't have, because this tool is part of Microsoft's support system It is only used if you have talked to Microsoft Technical Support, about a problem with your computer, so that the technical support will access the information recorded by that tool and know what happened on your computer, and of course technical support will give you a code or code to access the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, Then the tool will start recording what is happening on the device and send data to Microsoft technical support, you may also be asked to run other tools to get more data and information about what is happening on your device.

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