Social Media sites have become an integral part of our daily lives, although this has some positives but the negatives remain many, if you review your daily activity, you will find that most of the time is wasted wasted on social Media sites without completing anything important, which is bad Very, because you find yourself in an endless cycle of wasting time, it will be difficult for you to complete your priorities without distracting your attention, for this you will need some tips and some red lines that limit your addiction to social Media sites without dropping completely from these sites, in this article we will show You 4 tips to minimize wasting your time on Social Media.

Take a day off from social media:

Just one day would make you feel the difference and the bad effect of social networking addiction. The case, for this the best solution was for me to take a rest day and temporarily close the account, then when I opened the account again I could not bear 10 minutes on the site, I noticed the big difference and the damage caused by the addiction of this site, so all you need is just to challenge yourself and close For one day, you can dedicate that day to something for a long time I wanted to do but did not find the right time, and then surely you will find a big difference.

Track your time on social media:

Also one of the things that helped me get rid of social media addiction is to keep track of the time I spend on these sites, most of us do not know how much time spent on a particular site, and thinks they are just minutes but in fact it is hours, but you do not feel that, of course It is very easy and all you have to do is install this add-on browser Webtime Tracker, and if you are on the phone, download this application Social Fever, both tools work the same work, then you will be able to know how long you spend on these sites and thus control more in your time.

Limit your access to social media:

Often the pleasure of surfing social networking sites will be greater than studying your lessons, so you will need to be tougher with yourself, how to do it? In fact it is very simple and all you will need is to prevent yourself from accessing social networking sites through a set of free tools, including the addition of Block Site, which is a simple add-on browser Chrome, when installed will add the sites you want to block, and then start adding blocking those sites For 25 minutes and then you open another 5 minutes for a break (Pomodoro method), and when you complete the day you will find that you have finished all your tasks and reduced your time lost in social networking sites, and for phones we mention the application flipdapp that works on Android and iPhone, this application will enable you to add communication sites Social and banned from bothering you Walt Focus on your important things.

Develop your favorite hobby:

Each of us has a favorite hobby likes to exercise in his spare time, but because of social networking sites we do not have any extra time, so this is the best solution to get rid of this addiction, is to practice and develop a hobby you love whatever this hobby, because you certainly will not feel the time passes when you practice something you love , Which is the same effect as social media, but in this case you benefit by developing yourself more.

Unfortunately, the time we spend on social networking sites is too much and above the normal limit, and if each one of us took advantage of that time in something useful, he will find his life heading for the better.

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