In this series we help you keep abreast of the latest news from the world of iOS apps, and as usual we have the greatest interest in free apps for everyone to benefit, of course we have a share in the development of old applications discovered recently, as well as paid applications, and so as not to prolong more, these applications came to this Week as follows:

1. Touch & Translate:

The first application in this collection, with which you will be able to translate words and phrases in your Safari browser between more than 100 languages with just one touch, and among these languages Arabic, so what distinguishes this application from others is the speed and ease of translation of words and phrases for the language that You want it, and by the way the app is currently available for free and completely, which in our view is worth the experience.

2. Drink water:

If you're too busy to remember that you had to drink enough and regularly, don't worry, here is Drink Water to help you solve this problem.In short, the main function of this app is to help the person keep track of the water and drink it, as well as the reminder to drink water in time, and every What the user needs first is to determine the gender and enter the weight, and directly the application will help you to calculate the amount of water required, and there is a lot in the quiver of the application leave it to recognize it yourself.

3. VidaX:

The application is no less important than its predecessors, and its main task is to download videos from the cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox OneDrive, and then watch them on the iPhone or iPad, all you need is to log in with your account to one of these services, and then choose the video to download In turn, the app supports the process of converting any video to an audio clip, here the download process as well as unlimited conversion, all that and more is available in the application is free and completely.

4. AdBlock Pro for Safari:

In short, with this app you can keep your phone data bundle, even speed up the default Safari browser, and most importantly block ads and tracking devices and even block software bypassing ad blocking, so with the app we will say goodbye to ads and banners, autoplay videos, redirects and pop-ups, The most important of all is to prevent the collection of your information, and it should be noted that the application supports the Arabic language, and is available for free download.

5. Hollycool :

Hollycool is a powerful and easy-to-use video editor and movie maker app.It offers advanced video editing features that let you create great videos, but not including, there are tools to rotate and reverse video and make it fast, slow or even refined, also video merging tools with images Not only that, but also other editing and editing tools: exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

6. Shake:

This application puts you the weather and compass tool as well as the tool to run the flash in one application and integrated, and with the weather tools, it shows you the current weather, as well as you view the weather forecasts weekly, daily as well as monthly, as well as the display of wind power, rainfall, pressure and degree Heat and much more.

7. Clock Yourself:

The last app in this weekly article, and the first thing I should point out, is that it is not free, it is available at a price of $ 1.99 on the App Store, however, in terms of the definition of this application, it is a service that provides you with physical exercises and cognitive exercises in one interface In other words, the application offers physical exercises with cognitive exercises to practice speed and mobility, and in this regard the application offers about 5 levels of varying difficulty, and of course everyone starts the journey with the first step, do not rush to move to advanced levels without recognizing the first levels.

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