Let us all agree that the new generation of NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards has made a huge breakthrough in the field of computer graphics, and this is due to the modern technologies offered by such as Ray-Tracing and DLSS, which is not found in any other graphics card from any company on the planet! The users of these cards are able to play games with the best quality and visual resolution imaginable with a high frame rate ensures extraordinary smoothness.

Simply put, these new technologies represent a standard for super graphics. But will desktop users only have experience with GeForce RTX cards? Fortunately for those who are looking for a powerful gaming laptop, the answer is no .. Nvidia has announced since the beginning of this year 2019 laptops with graphics cards RTX 20 which is - without exaggeration - do not compare anything that appeared before in the market of gaming laptops that are not It comes with a GPU capable of running the latest games at the highest graphics settings with the best frame rate per second with rays, AI tracking and more - certainly a fairy gaming experience.

Well, let's go through this introduction now. We have a lot of details we want to cover and reasons we want to tell in a convincing answer to the question: Why RTX laptops are currently the best choice for gamers ?

The laptop sector has witnessed tremendous development over the past few years and, of course, Nvidia has played a crucial role in this development. This is especially evident at the moment with the launch of RTX laptops, bringing with them technologies that we never imagined existed in computers before. Nvidia, these technologies can be used with a small chip in a laptop in our homes!

Of course, the GPU is the first and most important component of other hardware components when searching for a gaming laptop where everything depends on the level of graphics, and from this point of view there is currently no better option than the RTX laptops, because NVIDIA is the leader in the manufacture of these The modules ensure not only the best possible performance when playing games, but also when running creative programs, doing assignments and streaming online. For this reason, buying an RTX computer is a real investment.You get a laptop that lives for years without any performance failures and at the same time will fulfill all your needs.

The main advantages of buying RTX laptops

The RTX GPU is powered by NVIDIA Turing and is the only one that offers new RTX and DLSS technologies for the fastest and most realistic experiences ever. RTX provides real-time hardware-based radiation tracking, meaning there are dedicated cores On the card to operate this technology only which in turn gives better light reflections within the games unlike other cards that provide artificial reflections are not made to reality in any way.

Indeed, all new games have begun to support real-time ray tracking of objects and environments with shadows, reflections and precise lighting, including Call of Duty, Battlefield, Cyberpunk 2077 and Watch Dogs: Legion. Minecraft has joined the group to make the technology available to the world's most popular game. .

As for DLSS, it works to increase the number of frames provided by the graphics card per second based on artificial intelligence and this enhances the performance in some games that support the technology such as Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy XV and this is just the beginning, many games are waiting The current games will support RTX and DLSS technologies.

The Turing architecture on RTX laptops will deliver six times faster performance when compared to the previous generation of Pascal architecture.

All this confirms that the RTX laptops offer powerful performance and unparalleled gaming, so that the need to adjust the graphics settings in each game for better performance and frame rate became a thing of the past with the launch of new gaming PCs from NVIDIA which - thanks to NVIDIA Turing architecture - You will be able to play any game whatever its requirements with the highest possible settings without sacrificing even one frame per second! In addition to this performance, you will enjoy revolutionary technologies that you will not enjoy except you simply because, as we have already mentioned, are found in RTX cards only. According to Nvidia, the GeForce RTX laptops offer up to four times better performance than the GTX 960M on today's most popular games, so it's worth the money just to talk about performance.

The above was about gaming, but we mentioned in the lines above that laptops that will come with NVIDIA RTX cards will also be ideal for both gaming and study at the same time, because the capabilities of these devices are suitable for different areas of work and provide excellent performance with all the programs that can be used In your studies like a Microsoft Office package or with design programs like Adobe Illustrator CC, Photoshop and Lightroom.

So if you're working in these areas as well as editing videos too, all I recommend is a laptop with a powerful GPU like GeForce RTX and go! Not only does it deliver powerful performance, but it also supports NVIDIA Optimus technology, which makes the battery last long on a single charge while performing various tasks on the go.

RTX laptops feature the thinnest design, lightest weight and quietest sound in the world due to NVIDIA's Max-Q Design technology, making it easy to navigate from place to place. Although these factors depend on the laptop manufacturer, they are generally better than the previous generation gaming laptops, which are usually bulky to provide proper ventilation and absorb the graphics card, as well as their heavy weight as it was difficult for university students to go laptop From this class to university, not to mention being expensive. All this makes them the ideal laptops to play and study. A study from the Pew Research Center found that 70% of the students were Gamers.

The capabilities of RTX Broadcast Engine

A few days ago, at TwitchCon, NVIDIA announced the RTX Broadcast Engine, a suite of RTX-based graphics development tools that leverage its AI capabilities (specifically Tensor Cores) for live streaming. On different platforms like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and others.

This means that RTX laptops are equipped with technologies that help gamers stream live streams smoothly with no game frame rate affected at all, as the game's image quality will be maintained. Not only that, but these new software development tools will also allow you to stream live without the need for special cameras or physical supports.

Thanks to RTX Greenscreen technology that allows you to delete the background of the video in real time during the broadcast, so that your face and body only appear in the live stream. Artificial intelligence knows which part of the image is human and which part is background, so players get the benefits of a green screen without having to buy one.

There is also RTX AR technology that can check the face and track features such as eyes and mouth, and even the design of the face surface, allowing the addition of augmented reality effects in real time using any webcam. Developers can contribute to technology enhancement by creating fun and engaging AR effects, such as mounting 3D content on the face or allowing a person to control 3D objects with their faces.

RTX Style Filters uses virtual reality to transform the look and feel of a webcam into another image mode by pressing one key on the keyboard. In general, these are great features that show your reactions to others while you play, especially as video game broadcasting has become a cultural phenomenon as more than 750 million people around the world participate in watching people play video games.

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