Modern Android devices come with a large enough memory size, which starts from 16 to 128 GB, which can accommodate a lot of audio and video files, applications and games, but some users are not enough internal memory of the device to resort to buy external SD cards in different sizes to meet their needs on the one hand and to keep their files On the other hand, they believe that the device is malfunctioning, but these cards are highly vulnerable to damage and loss of files it contains, so what are the reasons that will prevent you from using an external memory card on your Android? Get to know them now.

1. Suffering speed

There is a wide range of available SD cards that have completely different performance levels.If you are using a low-quality card, you will be frustrated quickly because of all the delays and convulsions that will cause the device to slow data transfer.You may see noticeably slow refresh rates and sync speeds noticeably, most people They are more likely to suffer from this as they use any old SD card without thinking about whether it will perform best.

If you plan to store photos and files only on your SD card, the UHS-I and Class 10 cards are a bit enough, and if you plan to install the entire apps on your card, then you need to look for a better quality and faster card category such as A1 and A2. The two options are available and the A1 is the fastest.

2. Disappearance and direct damage to files

During my last use of the SD card in an Android phone I encountered a strange problem, every time the device turns off (which was repeated due to battery life) any shortcuts to the applications that I transferred to the SD card disappear from my home screen, and if you like me who prefer to arrange files and folders on the roofs The office will bother you very much.

Worse, some affected apps - including Twitter, MyFitnessPal, and Reddit - have also lost all saved passwords and other user settings and data, so when problems with countless SD power bits can directly affect your files and damage them Also, the disappearance, how if these files are important and sometimes fateful !

3. Problem finding files

Although you can format your SD card to become an approved internal storage, this does not mean that your phone will see both disks as a single entity! Depending on your usage patterns, it may become difficult to find the files you need at a particular time.For example, some image files are stored on the SD card, but the default place to save application files such as WhatsApp and Telegram to the device's memory, to suffer when transferring and arranging images. And files between device and card files.

So, are you sure you can remember which apps are saving to the volume months after the initial setup? This can hinder all your productivity, so many files can be duplicated between here and there to take up unnecessary and large space which sometimes leads to the breakdown of file management systems.

4. SD card failure

SD cards have a limited number of read and write cycles, each time you access the data on them, the remaining life is reduced. cheap.

To increase the complexity of the problem, you may not know how long the card has a lifetime. Traditional Solid There may not be any warning signs before the SD card fails, if you don't have backups you may lose a lot of dynamic work in seconds.

5. Migrating to a new phone is frustrating

Perhaps contrary to many people's understanding, an SD card on Android is not necessarily the same as an SD card (or USB flash drive) on a computer where you can move your card or flash drive between different devices and access your files without problems, 'n you try to move the SD card You might be lucky, because when you set up an SD card as a local Android storage, the card becomes encrypted on the host device, so if you buy a new phone, you can't simply move your card and continue. Format a statement AT card (losing everything) and start from scratch again.

6. Low gaming performance

We don't mean those light and simple games, but those with sophisticated graphics, it may be tempting to move these games to your SD card but that's a bad idea, even the best A1 Class 10 SD cards won't work fast enough for modern Android games, You'll end up with gameplay errors, missing graphics, and frequent crashes.These are the types of flaws you don't think of when considering the advantages of using an SD card with Android.

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