Sony has sold more than 100 million PlayStation 4 devices and boasts a really great gaming library that drives players around the world to spend hours in their virtual worlds, but what troubles the experience is the battery life of Sony controller  (1,000 mAh only) which may hinder the continuation Play and hold the controller on charging and wait until you're done to restart the beautiful wireless gaming, so think through the following tips to change the situation.

1. Adjustable time control

When you use your PS4 console for anything other than playing games such as watching Netflix or YouTube, the console stays on, by default the controllers are turned off after 60 minutes, to save the controller's battery you can tell it to shut itself off early, You can set the automatic shutdown time for your controllers in one of two ways:

First go to the PS4 Settings menu and select "Devices then Controllers", here you will see different options including "Set the time until the consoles are turned off", to extend the battery life of the controller choose the minimum setting 10 minutes, the other way to do this is to pull the menu Quick PS4 Long press the PS button in the DualShock 4 console and choose "Sound and Hardware".

2. Modify the light strip

The PlayStation controller  has a forward-facing lighting strip that changes color during some games and there is a practical purpose behind it.The lighting bar works in conjunction with the PS Camera add-on.The camera tracks the movement of control across the light bar when playing PSVR games, and does not serve more than that, Unfortunately, leaving light will drain your battery and there's no way to turn it off completely.

So we will work to make it a little dull in an effort to reduce the amount of energy consumed, go to the PS4 quick menu mentioned above, from there select the sound and devices and then the brightness of DualShock 4 Light Bar, by default it is set to bright, changing it to dim will help you extend the extra battery life Slightly, instead you can access this option by going to Settings - Devices - Controllers.

3. Adjust the speaker

The console has a few built-in speakers while the main music and sound of the game comes from your TV or stereo system, the speaker is used in some games to provide new sound effects, the console speaker is often used as a way to increase immersion in the game world .

As fun as it consumes power, to lower the volume on the console Drag the quick menu Select Devices then Volume Control Here you will be able to switch the volume to suit you and save a bit of power, in addition you can also change the volume of the console speaker By going to Settings - Hardware - Controllers.

4. Turn off the vibration

Fist has an engine that provides powerful vibrations.Unfortunately these vibrations drain power from the battery of the controller.Fortunately you can turn off the vibration function of the controller completely, you will have to go to Settings - Devices - Controls from there Scroll down to the option labeled Enable vibration pressure The X button will remove the check mark from the box and disable the vibration function in your 4 controller.

5. Finally

You will always need to charge the controller and there are many smart tools that will help you prevent interruptions, first we recommend buying a charging base that comes very affordable and easy to use just insert the controller into the charging base after playing to make sure that the battery is always ready as BEBONCOOL comes For about $ 14.

And if you don't want to invest in a dock, do it yourself and get a long USB cable.This way you can charge your console while sitting comfortably on the couch all without interrupting your game.If you don't really like the idea of ​​wires and cords, you can choose a battery pack External to the controller where there are few on the market but external batteries from Venom are officially licensed products.

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