Intel has unveiled two Nervana CPUs dedicated to cloud-related AI operations and technologies, called NNP-T1000 and NNP-I1000 for Nervana Neural Network Processors.

These processors are the first chips designed by Intel, specifically targeting the field of artificial intelligence cloud, entering a new stage of expanding the scope of support for its processors to other functions other than the company used to manufacture.

The main goal of the NNT-T chip is to train artificial intelligence techniques in a balanced design between microcomputers and those super-fast, high-performance supercomputers, while the role of the NNT-I chip is to control and deal with intensive computerized inferences.

Intel has also unveiled the next generation of Movidius Vision Processing modules, which increase performance capabilities in heuristic processes through its updated architecture to 10 times more, while its operational efficiency is 6 times more than competitors' units as previously reported.

The company is expected to launch the Movidius chipset next year without a specific date for the moment, which is good news for those interested in using Intel units in their cloud-related work.

While Intel said that a significant depletion in the use of artificial intelligence techniques may require a doubling of performance every three months, similar to the work of traditional CPUs, but nonetheless, the use and dependence of large companies such as Facebook, for example, on Intel AI chips will lead to benefits This is a quick download of the site and more advanced smart features than currently available.

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