So far, Instagram has been testing the concealment of likes on publications in some less important countries, but is about to begin testing them in its most important market, the United States.

Adam Mosseri, chief executive officer of the company, said that as of this week, Instagram will be testing the concealment of the number of lycas in the United States as well.

Instagram hides the number of likes everywhere, whether through the website or app as well as through the profile page.Of course, this hiding applies only to friends, meaning that as a post owner and account you will still be able to know how many likes your posts have.

As long as Instagram has started to test the advantage in its most important and largest markets, this means that it is close to reaching the final stage and launching globally, if it receives sufficient acceptance and according to the results of the tests.

Instagram has been testing the number of likes since April in Canada, and later expanded to more countries such as Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil and Australia. The test also reached the Facebook app in Australia.

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