Instagram is copying rival TikTok app as it did earlier with Snapchat when you copied the story and others.

Facebook has announced the launch of the Reels feature on Instagram in Brazil for its worldwide reach, a feature that allows users to create 15-second videos with music clips and then publish them within the story, which will then appear in a special section of the top clips Similar to “Top Reels” within the exploration section “Explorer”.

With this feature, users can shoot very short videos and then choose an appropriate music track from the library and publish it within the story.

Users can also share these clips directly via private messages if they don't want them to be shared with all friends.

This feature is essentially similar to what TikTok offers by basically giving users the opportunity to shoot and edit short videos across the platform, and then choose appropriate music or audio clips and publish them to other users on the network. Instagram now comes and comes within the story - the feature that you copied from Snapchat - along with the features of Boomerang and Super-Zoom.

The company is working on another feature called Scenes, which is quite similar to TikTok, which allows you to shoot and edit videos and share them on the home page, not just the story, so that they will provide tools for editing the clips in the coming period.

Scenes will also allow you to speed up your videos and use VR effects before publishing them to everyone.

The first feature “Reels” confirmed the company to TechCrunch, while the second feature talked about reliable researcher Jin Munchon Wong.

The Reels update will begin to reach users from Brazil on both Android and iOS, while the Scenes update will appear later for users.

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