Often you may find many problems in connecting or using additional hardware pieces with your computer, among these pieces are headphones or so-called headphones, you need to deal with many problems such as search and install new drivers, In this article we have gathered all possible solutions that will help you if you find that the headset does not work with Windows 10, of course, taking into account that the speakers work in other devices and are sound from internal glitches.

Make sure that the headset is enabled:

Sometimes the Windows settings have not yet turned on the speakers, so you find that it did not work, and to solve this problem all you have to do is go to the headphones icon in the taskbar bottom (Taskbar), right-click and go to the sound settings (Sound Or, you can access the audio settings from within the Windows Settings (Control Panel) easily, then you will see the sound settings window, click on the Manage sound devices, and check if the connected headphones are not enabled or in the Disabled mode, and activated to request it Enable button.

Make sure that the headset is in the default audio mode:

Now to make sure that the speakers are in the default audio mode, go back to the Sound Settings window, then click on Choose your output device, you will see a list of connected audio devices, search for your headset and press it, and so on. The headphones will be placed in the default audio mode, so any audio usage will be via your headphones.

Check the audio definitions on your device:

Certainly you know the importance of device definitions, all pieces of the device will not work efficiently and you will find many problems if there is a defect or lack of device definitions, in this case you have to check the sound definitions and updated if they are old, or you can simply open the Device Manager window by shortcut panel Windows key + R will open a small box then type devmgmt.msc and press OK and open the Device Manager window, go to Sound, video and game controllers (Note: You may find a difference in the picture above, but the same thing), then Select the speakers, right-click and select Update Driver then select Search automatically for updated driver software, You have a new definition that Windows will download and install on your computer.

Change the “Default Format” of the speakers:

Another solution you can try by going back to the sound window, select the Playback window, then right-click on the connected headset icon, go to Properties and then Advanced window, open the Default Format menu, and try each option with the test and press Stop You hear the sound coming out of your headphones, then press OK to save the settings.

Almost these were common solutions to solve the problem of the headset does not work with Windows 10, sometimes it is a hardware problem, but many do not inspect it and think that the problem of the system, so first of all make sure that the speakers are free of any glitches and try it with devices Other are around you.

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