Google always seeks to push sites to adopt the latest technologies available in terms of encryption or acceleration of sites, and has followed several punitive methods in this area, and the new is to expose slow sites through the browser Chrome.

Chrome is currently testing several ways to inform the user that the site it is browsing is slow, and will determine which test results are the best ways for users.

Google will look at the history of the sites and the load times of their pages to see which ones are slow and need punishment and shaming.Google is also interested in knowing the reason for the slow download if it is linked to the user's device or connection, or for something wrong with the site itself, whether the use of images or bad programming.

One of the current tests is the emergence of a blank white page with a center on the page loading and a statement that the site is usually slow to load, and the progress bar at the top is blue and slow.

Fast sites open directly without the penalty page and with a green download progress bar.

Google did not disclose when these icons or new ways to expose slow sites in the Chrome browser will begin to appear to all users, it seems that it will need more time and tests.

Google aims at all these practices to reach a high-quality user experience, and here comes into account more than the speed of navigation is a long-term project you are working to implement gradually.

Even if you own a site, Google offers its own tool tcheck the speed of the site with suggestions to improve the results of slow sites.

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