Google announced its new alliance App Defense Alliance and refer it to three security companies in order to fight malicious applications.

Google has always maintained the security mechanisms in its store Google Play, and was strong enough to keep users' devices and malware, but many times proved the fragility of this security, and therefore it makes sense that the company today announced a security alliance to defend applications called "App Defense Alliance", which by the way is an alliance with three major security companies, ESET, Lookout and Zimperium.

As noted, the main goal behind this alliance is to stop malicious or suspicious applications before they can access users' devices.In this context, Google has indicated that all of its partners will work in the industry, as well as providing specific products to protect mobile devices and phone ecosystem , Using static and dynamic machine-based learning algorithms to find malware.

These partners will work closely with Google and will be able to request a scan of Google's Play Protect service in its store to analyze potentially harmful applications, as well as find them through their algorithms. Play Protect results directly to partners, and thanks to integration, Google will also be able to request surveys from collaborating security companies, which will ensure three more eyes to review and distinguish reports.

Finally, with this alliance, Google wants to create an additional automatic solution because it is difficult to keep up with manual reporting due to the size of the ecosystem of the Android system, and will not be dispensed with the protection service Play Protect, but quite the opposite, as it has increased its power.

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