One of the users revealed a bug in the Facebook application on the iPhone showed that the application uses the phone's camera in the background and without the user's knowledge.

A number of Twitter users posted videos showing flaws in a variety of ways, including the stories section when switching the phone from portrait to landscape.

Also when watching a video and switching the phone, or when you open a picture from the application and exit.

It seems that the bug only appears when using Facebook on iOS 13.2.2 version while it does not appear in the older version iOS 12. If the Facebook application does not have access to the camera it will not appear.

For his part, Vice President for Safety and Integrity Guy Rosen that they are aware of the matter and it seems that a bug and not a security vulnerability and are working to fix it.

It is noteworthy that security researchers warned several years ago that applications that have access to the camera can spy on the user to run in the background without his knowledge.

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