A few weeks after a number of major companies withdrew from Facebook's Libra digital currency, the largest social network unveiled its e-payment service, Facebook Pay, which will be available in all its applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself of course.

Facebook is designed to facilitate payment between the various services of the company, where you can use the service to pay for the purchase of products or donations to charities and international organizations or send money to your friends.

It is important to note that Facebook Pay is separate from the Libera currency and the Caliber wallet for digital currencies, but it is an electronic payment service in real currencies.

Facebook Pay will be available in the US starting this week and will support the beginning of fundraising, person-to-person transfers, ticket purchases for movies, in-game purchases, and some pages and companies selling their products through the Facebook Store service.

The beginning will be with the Facebook application itself, but later and gradually will be available to other applications and to more users around the world. Facebook will be the largest of the largest remittance companies around the world with the ability to reach more than two billion users.

The service can be accessed through the settings of the application Facebook or Messenger initially, and supports credit cards, prepaid and PayPal accounts and perform transfers by several companies such as Strip and PayPal.

Facebook provides the freedom for the user to set up the service in each application individually, or once and disseminated all its applications.

Facebook did not disclose the commissions it may charge for its service, or the dates officially available in all countries of the world gradually.

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