The social networking platform Facebook has launched a new shortcut that allows the user to control notifications from the browsing sub-boxes 'shortcut bar' in their application on mobile phones, as the new feature is currently available for iOS to be available in the coming weeks for the Android version.

The new feature works by long-pressing any of the icons at the top of the main application interface, which includes Marketplace, Watch tab to watch videos, groups tab, etc.

The spokesperson for the company commented on this addition that Facebook has launched this feature to facilitate the user's access to the things he means by better control the incoming notifications to him and thus follow his favorite interests by customizing these settings.

In general, the feature is very useful, especially in terms of receiving notifications via Facebook from tabs we do not care much often, such as notifications coming from the videos tab and others each as desired, thus reducing the momentum on the application.

On the other hand, Facebook has applied to hide the number of likes of posts on Instagram in some countries previously because of directing users to focus on the content displayed, where it is testing the feature is currently in the United States, while for some time ago abandoned the tab following which allows tracking the movements of friends after causing effects Negative on app users and their relationships.

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