Week after week, we continue to provide the best new applications on the Google Play Store, which was launched during the last week, to be a door for users who love the experience of the new applications from their Android devices, and as we are always back with our weekly article, as we come and care With new and free apps for everyone to benefit, and we have no problem in putting old apps or apps that need to be purchased, where the element of interest and importance is taken in this article.

1. Flat Dark Evo:

The first application in this article, and it is included among the applications of customization, specifically applications icon packs, where by the application can replace any icon for any application installed on your phone, and in this regard the application offers us about 1600 high-quality dark icons inspired by the sophisticated material design There is also an icon search and dialing tool, as well as weekly icon updates and much more.

2. VoiceOver:

One of the applications launched recently on the Google Play Store, comes the task of recording and editing audio through the powerful tools provided by the hands of users, and with the application also, you can download any sound on your phone by virtue of processing it after that, and in this regard, the application comes with a set of effects and filters These effects include the effect of equalizer, echo, stadium, cave, etc., provided that the application is available for free download.

3. Qustodio Parental Control‏:

First of all, this app is not new but because of its great importance we put it here, it is one of the powerful applications for monitoring children, and was awarded the PC Mag's Editors Award, to be the best option to help parents keep their children's devices safe and supervised, in terms of tools, for example, there Screen Time Limiting Tool, Web Activity and Search Monitor, Adult Content Blocker, YouTube Activity Monitor, Automatic Daily Reporting to the main phone, and more to let you discover for yourself.

4. Fonts - Emojis & Fonts Keyboard‏:

This application is a keyboard coming with a lot of beautiful and wonderful fonts, as well as a set of emoji, and you will notice that the application is easy to deal with, and the board with large letters, so the error rate is small, and most importantly the speed of writing.

5. Logo maker:

Also this application is not new but for its importance and usefulness among the masses of users we have put here, where in short can with this application create your own logo, in other words create your own logo and unique in less than a minute, and here the application provides more than 5000 template ready to deal with The user also has many options to show your creativity.These options include a huge collection of graphic design elements, shapes, abstract icon images and much more.

6. IP Tools:

It seems you have noticed that the new applications in this article are few, of course because there are no new applications that weigh, but this does not prevent us from putting great and powerful applications and even if they are old, IP Tools is one of these applications, which very briefly can find contact information Your network, your private IP address and your Mac address, as well as the approximate location according to the global IP database and much more.

7. AutoTagger:

The last application in this article, which is specific to the audio tracks stored in your phone, where you will organize all your audio tracks, as well as voice recognition, edit the sound by adding tags and change the name of the clip, as well as add a picture of the album and identify the lyrics of music, and most of all , That the application is able to edit music multiplely in any batches, and let the rest to discover it yourself, provided that it is available for download free on the store.

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