Sources revealed the broad time frame regarding Apple's new products in the field of augmented reality. The company plans to unveil its helmet in 2022 and the following year for its glasses.

For a long time we have been hearing rumors about Apple's intention to enter the field, especially after it has been entered by all the big players like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others. After the sources expected Apple to launch its first product next year, but it was inaccurate.

This information leaked from a presentation at the company's headquarters gives a clearer picture that Apple is still in the early stages of its products and faces great difficulties in the development of the necessary technology.

The leaks report that the augmented reality helmet bears the code name N301 and is like a miniature version of the Oculus Quest virtual reality helmet. What's unique about the Apple device is that it supports virtual reality and augmented reality and uses external cameras to paint a three-dimensional image of the surrounding environment, including furniture, people and objects in the room.

The helmet relies on a high-resolution display to display information and virtual objects in the pension reality.

Apple plans to reach out to developers at least a year before launching the helmet to start making apps and games for it.

The augmented reality glasses are designed to be worn for a long time during the day, and prototypes suggest that they will be expensive with thick frames containing the battery and processing chips.

Apple CEO Tim Cook welcomed the Augmented Reality technology as a "big idea like a smartphone."

High-end products such as HoloLens and Oculus glasses and helmets are currently on the market, so Apple has a lot of upgrades because these products will get more updates in the coming years.

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