Apple's Arcade service has added 6 new games to its list, exceeding the total number of games within the service 100 games.

After the launch of the Apple Arcade games service less than two months ago - specifically on September 19, the number of games added to the list exceeded 100 games, so that fans of games on Apple devices are able to enjoy all these games paid with just one subscription instead of Subscribe to each game separately.

The service added the game Sociable Soccer, which is updated on the game Sensible Soccer, which was popular in the nineties of the last century on the game consoles, along with the game of Augmented Reality UFO on Tape: First Contact, and the games of adventure Takeshi & Hiroshi and Guildlings, in addition to the game of puzzles Discolored, as well as Marble It Up: Mayhem.

Apple's recent gaming service features a unified subscription for many paid games, so all games can be utilized for just $ 4.99.

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