The new Ignite platform from Amazon helps teachers sell resources and materials they develop and earn extra money for it.

Amazon has launched a new platform called Ignite to give teachers the opportunity to make the most of the materials or resources they develop for their traditional students, by offering them and selling them on the platform and generate additional income from different students in different places on the way they provide different services to sell books or Publications and others.

The Ignite platform is now available in the invitations system, but over time it will expand even more especially with the demand from teachers and students.

Like other platforms, Amazon will receive 30% of the value of resources and materials sold on Ignite while the teacher will receive 70%.

But if the item is less than $ 2.99, Amazon will deduct 30 cents in fees without getting a commission.

Regarding the modus operandi, you can register the site in an easy way and then upload the content of materials, study plans, brochures and other sources on the site in a file, and then the company will check the material and make sure that it is genuine and does not represent another person, and then will be offered for purchase on the platform so that all Interested to access.

According to the company, the entire process from lifting to deployment will take place within two working days - it will be very fast.

What distinguishes the Amazon Ignite platform and its idea is not only to provide teaching materials and provide additional income for some teachers, but also to help other teachers to get ready materials to teach in case they do not have enough time to make their own teaching materials, as well as helping students to get ready and diverse materials to study .

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