Netflix is preparing to discontinue support for the Smart TV app on Samsung and Vizio devices from December.

Over the past few days, Netflix has sent notifications to some versions of Samsung TVs telling them to stop supporting the application on December 2, which was confirmed by the Korean company to stop supporting Netflix for a number of smart TV models released in 2010 and 2011.

Netflix cited the decision because of technical difficulties limiting its support for damaged TVs, and said it would propose to users other devices.

Support was not limited to Samsung TVs, but extended to Vizio TVs older than four years and the first generation of Roku.

It can be said that this step is expected from a period of time due to continuous updates that reach the application to suit newer devices, and therefore these updates may affect the continuation of support for older devices such as some Android applications, for example, which sometimes stop supporting devices running Outdated or outdated pieces do not match the update capabilities.

The damage will mainly affect users in the United States, but is expected to reach other countries in the coming period.

In general, you may not need to change the entire TV to enjoy Netflix, so you can easily get one of the small transmitters and connect them with TVs to enjoy the service again with other services such as Disney Plus.

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