Everyone knows Apple and knows the products offered by this giant company of iPhones, iMac computers and laptops, including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, both are laptops with different features and features, in contrast Apple in recent years tried to replace MacBook Air with another device It is called MacBook, but the latter did not work as required, so Apple decided to return a new design for MacBook Air, which was a great success, and of course with all these options on the side of laptops, you as a user, confused in any device used and what is the difference between these devices The three, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, as usual and to make it easier for you to search will show you in its This article is a comparison between these three devices and which is the best device currently available.

1-MacBook Pro:

The MacBook Pro comes at a starting price of $ 1,200 for the 13-inch model, and priced at $ 2,300 for the 15-inch model. Both models feature the flagship touch bar feature, which replaces the top row of function keys, with a touch-sensitive OLED display. All models feature a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a powerful touchpad (Trackpads), a Retina display, a wide color (P3) display, and a 13-inch model that includes Intel Iris Graphics that can incorporate a display. Retina display with 5K display or two 4K displays simultaneously, in contrast, the 15-inch model that comes with Radeon Pro graphics processor can combine Retina display with two 5k displays Or four 4K monitors simultaneously, with the performance and price of the 15-inch model, it certainly offers a better experience than the 13-inch model, and the MacBook Pro comes with two USB-C ports for the model 13-inch and four ports for the model 15-inch.

2- MacBook Air:

MacBook Air comes at a starting price of $ 1099, which is one of the cheapest computers for Apple, it is a convenient option if you are a new user of Mac computers, the overall design of the device remained the same since the first introduction of the device in 2008, and this is because Apple focused its efforts on MacBook, but this changed completely in 2018 when Apple re-introduced the MacBook Air new design slimmer, and the new update for MacBook Air in 2018 came with a screen Retina display, which was missing in the old version and the screen quality is poor, as the device It has only one model, a 13-inch model has been abandoned 11-inch, and the MacBook Air comes with a battery of 12 hours Which it is something impressive, and like the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air comes with two outlets and USB-C port for other speakers.


It was decided that the MacBook would come as an alternative to the MacBook Air, but unfortunately it had a lot of problems, for example because of the design that comes fanless, will suffer from overheating the device and also had only one USB-C port, which is the same port from which the device is shipped, the positive thing that You may find it in the MacBook is that it is the most portable device among Apple laptops, they had a great interest in weight and size in this device, of course Apple is no longer making any new models of the MacBook, but you can get it used.

So what do I choose between MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air?

As usual, the choice varies from person to person and each device has its own features, for example, MacBook Air is an excellent choice for the middle class and offers a distinctive experience compared to its average price, in contrast, MacBook Pro is the best option but will ensure you more, and almost MacBook may satisfy your requirements if you do not You need more outlets, in the end the factor that determines the final choice is the price, the more you pay the more you get a better experience.

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