Having released a new version of Pro Evolution Soccer for smartphones this year, Konami recently released a new version of PES Club Manager, which is now available for free download in official app stores for Android smartphone users. Or iOS.

Today we will be explaining the most important new features in PES Club Manager 2020. As mentioned earlier, the game is available for free download in the Android and iOS app store with a total size of only about 1.4 GB

Download game: (Android) - (iOS)


Firstly, for those who do not know, PES Club Manager differs in the way of play from the regular versions of PES, as it depends on the training system and not control the players, ie, when you play this game you control your team as a coach and not as a player, through the game you will create a team and training and determine Plan and play as well as train players during different competitions and tournaments like a professional coach.

In this version, Konami relied on the Unreal engine, as was the case in PES 2020, where if you led the previous versions of that game you will find a significant improvement in the graphics of the game as well as the internal menus. Also added some new settings in the settings menu such as Low Performance Setting, which should be activated if found cut and not smooth game graphics, especially for older phones.

A number of new players, coaches, clubs and leagues have been added after obtaining their rights of use, clothing has also been updated for some clubs as well as player statistics to match the current level of these players. If you have played previous versions of this game you can download this new version without problems and your data will be transferred to the new version.

When you start the game for the first time, you must first determine the name of the coach and personal data for him and then the composition of your team and determine the name of that team and the name of his stadium and more other data before the start of your trip with the team, which initially will consist of a group of unknown players to be Players then bought. The game gives you the opportunity to sign a famous player first for free to strengthen your team.

With win bonuses you can buy real players for your team through Scout by searching for talented players at low prices or market system to buy players available in the transfer market, you can also contract from assistant coaches and doctors to develop the capabilities of your players by training and upgrading the players and participate in various tournaments Order to compete.

You will also build a city for your team where you can use points and money after winning tournaments and matches in building the facilities of the club you are supervising, such as the team's stadium, training stadiums, hotels, medical centers and junior academies, all within your team's city.

During games you can watch the game live with 3D Visuals, follow the plans and play during the game with the 2D Visuals option, or switch between them automatically via the Assisted option. feeling boring.

During the game, you can also control your options as a coach from the bottom of the screen. Such as determining the method and method of pressure on the opponent, and the method of transfer of the ball between the players as well as the way to penetrate the defense of competitors.

Finally, we definitely recommend you to download this version and try it in spite of the different way of playing this type of games from other games that rely on direct control of the players, but you will find in this version a lot of competition and fun and challenge even if you did not practice this type Of games before.

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