One of the most important features that every gamer obsessed with electronic games are looking for is the quality of the graphics. If your computer is strong, the graphics of the game will not appear in the form required. But this will take Nick a lot of time, fatigue and search, this NVIDIA graphics cards, AMD, Intel provides you Odaut will facilitate you process the push of a button, in this article we will explain to you the steps to improve graphics games and how to use these tools to make it easier.

Why shouldn't we let games automatically set the graphics settings:

Of course, most of the games make automatic settings when you open the game, and may provide you with a range of options such as Low, Medium, High, Ultra, all of which are some fixed settings that have nothing to do with hardware and cutting your device, so the game may not always succeed in bringing the best options You will need to do this manually, but you'll use the tools that come with your graphics cards such as NVIDIA, AMD and even Intel which are a little smarter.It will gather information about your hardware and compare it with a large database, and will bring the best settings for your device.

1- Download the latest version of your graphics card:

If you have a NVIDIA video card, you need to download NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience software, as well as download the latest version of video card drivers.

For AMD graphics card users, you will need to download AMD’s Gaming Evolved Client, and if you are an Intel graphics card user, you will need to download the latest update from the official website.

2. Scan for all games on your computer:

The second step that we will make is to scan the library of games on your computer, if you are a user of the screen Nvidia then open the program GeForce Experience that you downloaded in the previous step, then go to the Games box, and the program will automatically check all the games on your computer and will display them in To the left side, in case you are a user of the card AMD, open the program AMD Gaming Evolved client that you downloaded in the previous step, and click on the library box, and then the program will automatically check the games on your computer and it will appear on the left side, and finally if you are using a card Intel Open Intel HD Graphics, Control Click on the right mouse button anywhere in the desktop and select Intel Graphics Settings, then go to Games from the menu.

Of course these tools do not support all games, so you will need to add games manually and to do so: For NVIDIA users, open the program GeForce Experience again and click on Preferences, then it will search for more games in the Program Files file, and if you have a file Just add it to the list.For AMD Gaming Evolved client, go to Library, press the key icon and press the icon (+) under the left sidebar, then look for the game exe file, and for Intel users there is no way to do So it is assumed that the Intel tool will always find supported games.

3- Improve your gaming performance:

Now that we have done all the previous steps and added the games, you will choose any game you want in the menu and then press the Optimize button, for Intel users click on the game icon and then choose Optimize (you may need to run the game in the first), for NVIDIA and AMD, you can Scroll the list to see the difference between the current settings and the recommended settings (Optimal).

So here and you still have some extra steps to do, even after applying the new settings, you will find that it is not the quality you want or you will find that the game has become more slow, so you need to give the program more information to work better, and to do this with Realtek NVIDIA Display Click on the gear icon next to the Optimize icon.

For AMD users you will find this slider on the home page but will not give you much customization, it will give you only three options performance, quality and budget.

Finally, for Intel users, it does not allow you to modify the settings within the program, and all you can do is enable or disable the recommended settings, and to view the recommended settings, click on the game icon and choose View settings, then it will show you the recommended settings, and to apply these You have to open the game and change the settings from within the game.

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