Sure, using a computer must have some problems. Often these problems are software problems and you won't have to worry about them, but what might scare you and make you adjust the way you sit, is when it comes to hardware, you know that it will be expensive, but in most To solve the problems of hardware is very simple and you can apply it yourself, and in the continuation of the hardware series, especially for Apple computers completely forgotten in the Arab technical side, we will give you a set of simple practical solutions that you can follow in case you find that the keyboard or Mac computer does not work.

Try another keyboard:

At first we recommend connecting another keyboard with the device, whether you are using a laptop or desktop, maybe this will not solve the problem but it will help you know where the defect of all this, and if you connect another keyboard and found the same problem, most likely the problem from the USB port, Or it is a software problem, and connecting a new keyboard will help you implement some of the solutions that we will address.

On any electronic device, an update to the system will solve many problems, especially hardware, in this case, updating macOS may be the final solution to the problem of the interruption of the keyboard, and of course to check if your computer contains the latest update all you have to do is open the System Preferences app , Then search for and open Software Update, then the system will automatically check if a new update is available for download, and it will download it if necessary.

Reset the SMC:

The System Management Controller, as it is called System Management Controller, controls many functions on your computer, and resetting it may be a solution to many other problems in addition to the problem of the failure of the keyboard, and all you need to do is shut down the device, for desktop computers Unplug the power cord. For laptops with a removable battery, remove the battery and power adapter, now wait 15 seconds in both cases, then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, then connect the power cord or restore the battery. Turn on the device again.
For new MacBook computers with a non-removable battery, hold down the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Option + Shift, and at the same time hold down the Power button for 10 seconds, and after that time release the keyboard and power buttons, Then press the power button and turn it on, and take a look if the problem is resolved.

Delete recent apps:

It may seem unexpected, but the applications installed on your device may have a reason for such problems, especially if you start experiencing this problem after installing a new application on your computer, and if you are not sure about the newly installed applications on your device and do not remember, simply open Finder Then go to the Applications section of the menu on the left, then use the sort options (as shown in the picture above, and choose Date Added, so you will be able to know the recent applications on your computer and you can delete them if necessary, and if you find that the problem still exists Even after deleting these apps you can reinstall them easily.

Clean the keyboard:

One of Apple recommendations regarding keyboard problems is to clean them, especially if they only work with some keys, this may solve your problem by a very large percentage, especially if you have a computer that is a bit old and has passed a time and did not clean it, it will take only a few Minutes to do the cleaning, and to do that all you need to do is put the MacBook at a 75 degree angle, then spray canned air (canned air) from left to right through the keys, and then turn the device on the other side and repeat the same steps, such as the sound above.

Probably one of these solutions will help you solve the problem, but as usual there is no ideal solution, you may have tried all these solutions and did not work with you, you are now the only option is to contact Apple support and may help you with additional solutions, and in case you did not solve the problem completely you need Maintenance of your computer.

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