Stores on different operating systems, whether on the desktop or mobile phones, are filled with lots of apps and games that help improve productivity. For their children more productive, here are the best mobile educational games that kids will enjoy either on Android or iOS:

1. Khan Academy Kids:

Khan Academy Kids is one of the best mobile educational games available and is led by a group of colorful animal characters. Here children can learn skills such as reading, writing and problem solving by participating in drawing, storytelling and many other fun activities Also, this app will be suitable for children aged six years and under, each child has their own profile and learning path, they can also bring a collection of books and videos to enjoy at any time and much more, and by the way Khan Academy Kids is available free of charge Full free of advertising and any of the internal procurement elements.

2. ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics:

ABC Kids is a game focused entirely on helping children recognize and draw letters, and with them children hosted by an optimistic lion, along with other animal companions dancing and cheering in encouragement, can switch between a variety of games for fun while learning the alphabet, Whether it is tracking letters, matching lowercase letters to uppercase letters, or pairing through phonics, this is perfectly designed for children in the early stages of education, and most importantly there is also an easy-to-use parent mode, whereby a child's progress can be tracked as well as enabling or Disable a Za of the game, as it deems appropriate for them parents.

3. Algorithm City:

Focused on older children, Algorithm City is a fun game that teaches the basics of programming across more than 50 levels.The goal is to guide a little blocky penguin along the stages, collecting all possible coins, by defining actions through an interface Simple graphics and then watching how to play them, there is also a smooth educational curve, with increasing difficulty as the child progresses levels, in short Algorithm City is a great introduction to programming for any child, provided that it is available in Android only.
Download Algorithm City for Android.

4. Astronomy for Kids:

There is nothing much like the excitement in space and this game allows children to explore the solar system and the wider universe with high quality animations, with which they will learn about planets, comets, astronomy and more, and with the game also can collect information by visiting places such as observatory and cinema, so this game It combines education and fun and is available free of charge on both systems.

5. Math Land:

In Math Land, children control a pirate called Ray, trying to find gems that are stolen by evil, and with gems scattered on various islands, children must solve math problems in order to open spy glasses and sail the sea, in turn, the game covers all Types of math problems from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more, so this great game combines learning math and solving puzzles, which works to develop his abilities.

6. Logic Land:

Logic is as important as traditional subjects such as math and science, and this game enters the field, so in helping to find treasures on earth, this educational game includes more than 20 types of tasks, including, guessing how the shape looks from the top or finding On two pieces that together we will build a square, or find similar shapes and other logic, puzzles and more games, provided this game is only available on Android.
Download Logic Land for Android.

7. Play and Learn Science:

The last game in this article is about exploring how science surrounds us in everyday life.Children can test experiments and engineering solutions and learn about things like temperature and shadows.It also includes a lot of games and activities to keep kids busy for a while. Preliminary notes ask you questions to ask your children to make them think and learn lessons outside the app, and much more.

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